15 thoughts on “So you want to be a good planner? You can start here, now.

  1. bian says:

    I’m already a planner, but i get interested in the challenge. can i join in? would my position become disadvantage? thanx

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  3. augustus says:

    Came across this in Twitter. Was interested. Read it. And…

    The text is all about “me” – “my agency”, “my attention”, “my colleague”, i.e – my rules. Also, modalities like “must”, “need”, “have to” give the impression that the new planner would have no space for independent thinking, but rather would have to play by the rules of the mighty Ego. However, one of the greatest assets of a planner is independent thinking, isn’t it? I might be overly sensitive, but I find this call slightly scary rather than inviting. But it is just me.

    I wonder how does this text work in your corner of the world?

    Nice blog, though. Might drop by later as well.

  4. Raka dinara says:

    Dear paramita mohamad, is this challenge still available to try or join? I worry the deadline was end..

    Thanks for ur response 🙂

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