I help reform-minded organisations get buy-in, change behaviour, and deliver impact through communication that moves people.

They say it’s the golden age of storytelling through television, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I also get pleasure from swimming, cycling, and looking at my collection of the game board Monopoly.


I do have some extracurricular activities. One that is worth mentioning is becoming the other half of @nickynmita, where we try to help young Indonesian LGBT to live without fear or shame.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Gilang says:

    Hi Paramita,

    I’m a senior high student & I have a keen interest in advertising. I’d like to contact you in private to learn more about advertising agency business in particular. Do you mind sharing me your e-mail address?

    Your kind attention & future response are highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


  2. Saya merasa blog ini memberikan ilmu yang sangat kaya tentang advertising and communication strategy (terutama yang tercantum dalam menu “communication strategies”).

    Saya ikut senang jika nanti bisa di-terbitkan menjadi buku.

    Saya sangat menikmati link-link yang Anda share via akun twitter Sillysampi. Many thanks.

    Yodhia Antariksa
    Admin akun : @Strategi_bisnis (BusinessLife)

  3. Selamat malam mbak, perkenalkan saya Raynaldo saya program caraka festival 2013. Saya sangat ingin menghadirkan mbak Paramita untuk mengisi workshop di caraka 2013. Saya sudah mengirim email berkenaan dengan itu. Saya sangat mengharapkan kehadiran mbak paramita untuk mengisi workshop caraka 2013. Terimakasih dan Mohon maaf sebelumnya mbak.

  4. razorrahman3x says:

    Hi Paramita, I read your blog entries on the advertising business and have found them very informative. Thank You for that. I have been working in IT support for 7 years now and after doing a degree in Communications, i realize that I have an interest in advertising. I read books on advertising, ad age website and also Ogilvy’s books.

    I understand that entering into the copywriter’s role requires a lot of writing and visual layout experience. I was wondering if agencies hire people who come vastly different disciplines like mine (IT). I am keen in the AE/ conumser reseach/marketing arenas. (basically keen interest on what makes people tick).

    I will be very grateful for your time and response on this.

    Thank You,

    • Rahman,

      Like sports, advertising doesn’t care where you came from.

      If you are good at thinking and prototyping ideas, or at diagnosing problems related to behaviour, or at convincing people, or at managing projects, advertising has a place for you.

  5. Selamat malam, mbak Paramita (maaf kalau panggilan ini terdengar tidak nyaman).

    Saya pembaca tidak rutin blogmu dan saya sering mengamati bagaimana alur pikirmu sangat rapi untuk mengamati dan menjabarkan sesuatu. Lalu saya iri. Haha.

    Semoga engkau selalu sukses dengan segala bidang hidupmu! 😀

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