Communication strategy for beginners

Photo is taken from The Transmoder Project

I used to mentor junior planners and thankfully I enjoyed it immensely. I always took notes whenever a mentoring session occurred, then compiled and rewrote them as a post in my blog. I am developing a series of  lessons called “Communication strategy for beginners”, and  once all the instalments are uploaded, I hope this can be published as a book in Indonesian and English.

Meanwhile, you can always read all the lessons here. If you want to be notified when a new instalment has been uploaded, kindly sign up to follow this blog.

Lesson 1: Communication is about stimulus-response

Lesson 2: Determining the desired response (fundamentals of communication strategy)

Lesson 3: The importance of emotional responses

Lesson 4: Required soft-skills for planners

Lesson 5: Writing creative briefs

Lesson 6: Evaluating creative proposals

Lesson 7: Explaining an idea clearly and briefly

Lesson 8: Presenting our creative proposals

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