Links of the week

You can say many things about me, but for sure you can’t say that I’m a generous person. The generosity I have left in my heart is only related to sharing the things I enjoy reading. I get a kick out of reading articles from the Internet that expand my mind, and that pleasure is heightened if I share the links via Twitter.

A very good friend of mine (yes, with that little generosity I have, it surprises even myself that I still have friends) suggested me to start compile the tweeted links on a more regular basis. This way, she can always go to my blog to check out if there are links to articles that might interest her. This may also mean that she can get away with following my tweet feeds carefully, but hey, let’s cut her some slack here.

So I will start doing a weekly summary of  my favorite links this week. For each link I will write a very short summary about what it’s all about and why I find it fascinating.


PS: kindly thank my very good friend if you have the chance. She tweets as @mistydian and her tweets are not for the close-minded people without a sense of humor.

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